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Saltwater Reef Aqurium Installation

Standard and Custom Aquarium Design

Planning a new aquarium system is easy and fun with Boodleshire Aquatics. All it takes is an aquarium design session and your imagination. We offer standard and custom fish tanks and stands with new and interesting designs.

With years of experience, we are comfortable designing aquariums with complex plumbing, programming, and noise requirements. Our goal is to design a system that matches your vision, space, and budget, We want your new aquarium to continue to inspire, surprise, and delight you everyday for years to come. 



Standard and Custom Aquarium Installation

Whether you want to design your perfect aquarium, or you already found one and just need it installed, Boodleshire Aquatics is ready to deliver and install your new aquarium. We will help you choose the perfect location in your home or business and then safely install your new aquarium.


We are practiced with every aspect of aquarium installation including plumbing, aquascaping, lighting, programming, and cord management. We are practiced and comfortable with standard, custom, and built-in aquarium installations. 

  • Safe delivery of aquarium, equipment, and décor 
  • Installation of all components, plumbing, and equipment
  • Full aquascaping
  • Initial startup and final check 
  • Ongoing monitoring and support to insure safe and healthy acclimation of livestock
Freshwater Discus Tank
Saltwater Mixed Reef Aquascape

Custom Aquarium Aquascaping

Whether it is a new system, or you want a fresh look for your current built-in or stand-alone aquarium, Boodleshire Aquatics will design a striking and functional aquascape. 
Boodleshire Aquatics offers dozens of types of rock, sand, plants, wood and other design elements. Using several different design techniques, I guarantee a one-of-a-kind scape that draws the eye.

  • Custom habitat negative space reef scape builds
  • Custom habitat-focused fish-only scape builds
  • Custom live-planted tanks with soil and rock scaping
  • Beautiful artificial planted community tanks
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