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Fully Insured

24/7 Support

Lab Grade Service

30 Day

Service Guarantee

Service Area

I offer Aquarium Maintenance and Services in the greater Kansas City Metro and surrounding areas. 

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One Time Service or Cleaning

A service call from Boodleshire Aquatics will accomplish anything from a simple aquarium cleaning in time for guests, to a complete diagnoses, inspection, and cleaning to figure out any problems you may be having.



One Time Service visit includes:

  • Full Cleaning & Polish

  • New Water

  • Partial Water Change

  • Scientific & Professional Grade Water Testing

  • Fish Health Diagnosis

  • Equipment Cleaning and Inspection

  • Replacement of Media, Food and New Supplements at Retail

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

fish tank cleaning maintenance kansas city

 Regular Maintenance Program

Becoming a Maintenance Client with Boodleshire Aquatics means you and your system are a priority and will benefit from extra services and privileges on a regular weekly or biweekly schedule. 

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Maintenance Features

  • Lab Grade Water Analysis
  • Full Cleaning & Polish of Glass
  • Cleaning & Polish of all External System Surfaces
  • Partial Water Change
  • Replacement of Filter Media*
  • Measured Addition of Necessary Chemical and Biological Supplements*
  • Measured Addition of Necessary Food*
  • Inspection of Internal & External Equipment
  • Installation of New Equipment
  • Fish Health Diagnoses
  • Full Drip Acclimation of New Livestock
  • Aquascaping

* Livestock and Drygoods at additional cost

Maintenance Benefits

  • Weekly or Biweekly Schedule
  • 30 Day Service Warranty
  • 7 Day Livestock Warranty
  • 90 Day Equipment Warranty
  • Discounted Rate
  • No Obligation Contract

Regular aquarium maintenance with Boodleshire Aquatics always guarantees a clean, healthy, beautiful, and functioning aquarium, all the time. Your level of involvement between visits is up to you. Take a hands on interest in feedings and dosing, or let me take care of everything and just sit back and enjoy your aquarium. 


Free Aquarium Maintenance Estimate

Fill out the information below and Brian will promptly review it and send you an estimate. Precise quotes for maintenance can be calculated after a free in-person Inspection

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Visit Frequency
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Vacation Sitting

When away for more than two days, your fish still need fed, and the aquarium topped off.  Brian offers feeding and inspection services to any system and any client. I'll even water the plants and feed the cats while I'm there.


  • No worrying about whether or not your system is running smoothly. 

  • No need to worry about system shocks from lack of dosing, water top-offs, or not feeding for an extended period. 

Offered at a reduced rate for existing clients. 

Aquarium Maintenacne Cleaning Kansas City
Emergency Servie

Emergency Service

If your tank is leaking, or the power went out during a storm and your fish or corals may asphyxiate, call for emergency service. I am available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and will always, no matter what, answer the call. 

Surcharge is due on arrival. Only available to current, previous clients. 

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