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Our Mission

I started Boodleshire Aquatics because I wanted to spread the wonder and beauty of the aquarium hobby in the ways I believe are best. I want my fellow Kansas City aquarium enthusiasts to succeed in this wonderful hobby and enjoy their aquariums as much as I do. 

My experience and education has taught me how to properly design, install, and maintain healthy, sustainable, and beautiful planted freshwater aquariums, saltwater reef aquariums, brackish water tanks, and all kinds of aquatic systems. 

I take pride in my work and know that no detail is too small. With over 20 years of experience I am confident I can realize your vision for your piece of living art. 

Kansas City

Aquarium Maintenacne Cleaning Kansas City
Based in Merriam, KS, along the I-35 corridor, Boodleshire Aquatics services the entire Kansas City Metro and surrounding area. I love traveling to new neighborhoods and visiting parts of the city I've never seen. 

I love living in Kansas City and am grateful I was able to start my business here. I am excited to grow with the city and enjoy giving back. 
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