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Grandview Aquarium Maintenance & Services

Boodleshire Aquatics specializes in lab grade and professional aquarium service. We provide maintenance, design, installation, and water analysis to hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals for home or office aquariums.

Grandview, MO is a fast-growing community. We always see new development and burgeoning businesses every time we’re there. Boodleshire Aquatics gets all of its embroidery done at Heartland Sales and Promotions in Grandview. When we have the time, a short walk through Meadowomere Park is always relaxing.


Some of our favorite aquarium installs were done in Grandview, and we never pass up the chance to visit. We service the Grandview area throughout the week. 

If you’re in Grandview or the surrounding area, and require aquarium cleaning, installation, moving, or maintenance services, don’t hesitate to contact Boodleshire Aquatics today. 


Here are some of our Grandview client’s experiences with our aquarium services.

You deserve a professional who goes the extra mile, and so does your aquarium.

Fully Insured
24/7 Support
Lab Grade Service
Lifetime Service Warranty

"Brian w/Boodleshire is your go to choice for set up and maintenance. He outdid himself on my 120g mixed reef saltwater aquarium. From the aquascape (building Marco rock) to the bi-weekly maintenance. He is also going to be setting up a smaller 30 Gallon also for us and maintaining that. Very knowledgeable. Excellent communication. Definitely recommend if you need set up installation, maintenance, or have a emergency that needs professional assistance."

-Kelly S. Grandview, MO

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