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How much does aquarium service cost?

General aquarium cleaning is $125 an hour. As aquariums increase in size, they take longer to clean. For aquariums less than 100 gallons cleanings usually take 1-2 hours. For aquariums above 100 gallons, cleanings can take 2+ hours. If you’re experiencing problems with your aquarium, or it has been neglected for some time, those estimated times can increase.

Regular Aquarium Maintenance monthly pricing is calculated after a short visit to inspect the aquarium and determine what the system needs and what your goals are for the aquarium.

What types of aquariums do you service?

We service any size, type, and build of aquarium. We service everything from stand-alone 10 gallon freshwater tanks, to 1,000+ gallon, built in, saltwater reef tanks.

What do you not service?

We do not service ponds, or semi-aquatic environments, such as paludariums, terrariums, or turtle tanks.

What areas do you service?

We service the entire Kansas City Metro and surrounding area. For regular maintenance, we usually stay within 40 miles of Merriam, KS. For installs, we will travel farther outside the metro. Check out the Service Areas tab at the top of the page. If you don’t see your town listed, and you’re in or near the metro, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll take care of you.

How often does my aquarium need a water change?

We recommend saltwater aquariums receive maintenance every week or two weeks depending on the bio-load (the number of fish).


Non-planted freshwater tanks should undergo maintenance every two weeks to a month depending on bio-load.


Planted freshwater aquariums should receive maintenance every week or two weeks depending on rate of plant growth and bio-load.

How much does a freshwater aquarium cost?

Here is a great article that will answer this question in more detail, but the general rule is about $10 - $50 per gallon for non-planted and $50 - $100 per gallon for planted.

How much does a saltwater aquarium cost?

Here is a great article that will answer this question in more detail, but generally, its about $50 - $200 per gallon.

What is the difference between regular maintenance and one-time service?

Regular Aquarium Maintenance with Boodleshire Aquatics means you have a scheduled time and day each week, every two weeks, or monthly for your full-service aquarium maintenance. There is a set monthly maintenance rate, due at the end of each month. 


One-time Service includes all the features of regular aquarium maintenance, except free emergency service, and the 10% labor discount.  One-time service is scheduled on a “as needed” basis and is charged per hour.

What size of aquarium will you move?

We can move any size aquarium up to 8 ft long and 36” wide.

What types of aquariums do you install?

We install free standing or built in aquariums, standard, or custom.

What type of salt do you use for saltwater water changes?

We use HW Pro Reefer Salt for our reef aquariums. It is a lab grade salt with rigorous testing and pharmaceutical grade additives.

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