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Kansas City's Aquarium Maintenance & Services

With personalized professional expertise 
you can have beautiful, clean, and crystal-clear aquarium that you will be proud of. 



Aquarium Maintenacne and cleaning kansas city

You deserve a professional who goes the extra mile, and so does your aquarium.

Fully Insured
24/7 Support
Lab Grade Service
Lifetime Service Warranty

Boodleshire Aquatics specializes in lab grade and professional aquarium service, maintenance, design, installation, and water analysis to hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals for their home or office aquariums. We're more than just fish tank cleaning. 

Brian holds a bachelor's degree in ichthyology and aquatic environmental sciences from Emporia State University, in addition to over 20 years experience in the aquarium hobby. The importance of a scientific approach to aquarium maintenance is vital to ensuring the accuracy and success of a system. Some water parameters and conditions may seem trivial, but when analyzed and patterned correctly, can result in a measurable and noticeable increase in the health and beauty of your fish, corals, plants, and invertebrates. 

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